Research and data offer our business and its clients the quality information needed
to make informed decisions.

Our business and clients stay on top of trends, access answers to problems, and
analyze new insights using structural data and insights frameworks.

Kinda Trade Research

Kinda research is our internal
platform that has been built to
develop an understanding of our
products’ performance in four key
impact areas:
1. Commercial viability of our model.

2. Youth employability through
logistics integration into e-
3. Transition of informal trade to formal through e-commerce,
digitized payments and subsidy model.

4. Sustain micro enterprises through e-commerce, digitized payments and subsid models
through shocks like COVID-19.

Client Focused

Our client base is carefully selected
to align to our business model and
key sectors of engagement. We
provide research services to
private sector, government and
development organisations. Our
research services equip clients with
the necessary capacity to use
generated evidence for informed
decision, planning and
service/product delivery.
Our client research support are
offered to complement our key
sectors on engagement described


Our partnerships with qualitative
and quantitative global, regional
and local research partners
strengthen our context position in
development and deployment of
economically, socially and
culturally responsive research and
data tools.
Gender and Age Analysis

Develop, customize and facilitate
participatory gender and age analyses.
Develop client capacity to conduct
gender and age analysis
Facilitate Client to make informed
decision from analyzed data.

Gender and Age Audits

Our decade-long customizable gender
audit framework and tools have
facilitated clients in public, private
sector and development institutions to
internalize and deliver on gender and
youth appropriate commitments.

Gender and Age Monitoring

In partnership with leading research
and academia, develop, customize and facilitate participatory gender and age
monitoring and evaluations.
Our M&E is customized for project
activity or business iteration, reporting
and new phase recommendations.

Gender and Age Impact

Our impact assessment is designed to
understand business performance
against population impact. It has been
developed specifically to understand
benefits of inclusive models that sustain
micro and informal trade. It provides an
understanding of how improvement of
business opportunities which lead to
improvement in livelihoods – through
baseline, midline and end-line


We have developed and are
implementing a robust data collection
analysis and dissemination on impacts
of COVID 19 in our key sectors by
gender and age.

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