DRILL stands for Delivery, Responsiveness & Innovation, through Learning and Leadership.


Potential entrepreneurs to participate in 6-month long journey, where they are connected to peers & mentors and equipped with necessary skills, tools and opportunities to internalize and find business and employment purpose for their future.


The cast are challenged with tasks to develop strategies to crowd fund for purposes of enhancing employment and trade. Alumni set up school apprentice clubs built on similar frameworks to enhance intergenerational employment and trade enhancement.
Enhances self-drive, initiative, leadership, team work and entrepreneurial qualities. The TV series are an educational tool for viewers through challenges and awards for viewers.


Young entrepreneurs take lead in shaping the future of employment and business.
  • 1

    Youth-led global, regional and national realisation of commitments for businesses and employment opportunities.

  • 2
    Y- Respond

    Young entrepreneurs identify sector specific entrepreneurial and employment needs and lead in identification and delivery of solutions for their peers.

  • 3
    W - Innovate

    Young women innovators facilitate community based innovation camps.

  • 4
    Y - Learn & Lead

    School and community apprentice clubs for ages 13-17 facilitated by our apprentice alumni. Facilitating systemic change for inter-generation business and work excellence.

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“DRILL defies tradition and promotes creativity”.

Veyrl Adell

May 2020

Numbers of years spent in classrooms and confined work environments are quickly becoming a thing of the past and the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that.

Chris Ogutu

May 2020