Meet the Advisors

Thoughtful, concise, structural and constructive leadership.

Gender economist, driven by passion, committed to excellence and excited by positive change. Raised in rural Kenya; lived in India, Rwanda, Swaziland and Zambia. World thought leader, advisor, coach and public speaker.

Veyrl Adell


Bwalya Penza

Advisor to the CEO

Jackie Ayiro

Advisor - Trade & Youth

Stephen has over a decade of experience working across the education, employment, and entrepreneurship space internationally. His work focuses on promoting inclusive and market-responsive employment initiatives and he has worked with a number of public and private institutions around the world, inc. IFAD, FCDO, USAID, Mastercard Foundation and Standard Chartered. He is Associate Director of Carsis Consulting.

Stephen Hunt

Advisor - Impact

Stemming from an International Business background, Henry leads the charge in our group corporate interactions. His “iron fist clad in a velvet glove” approach, ensures our B2B business is on an upward tangent as he perpetually strives for excellence in our delivery.

Henry Shoko

Group Managing Director - Africa

Meet the Staff

Accountant, Legal Adviser, Taxation Expert, passionate about automation of processes.

Joshua Oseno

Group Head Of Finance and Compliance

Atu Mwalweni

Group Chief Operations Officer

George L. Mutale

Country Manager - Zambia

Brenda Achieng

Product Specialist

Laulyn is open minded and motivated to positively revolutionize opportunities for youths. Passionate about technology and innovation

Laulyn Wachira

Kinda Tech Executive

Joan Chebet

Accounts & Administrator

Jackline is driven in Strategy Development, creating forward thinking solutions to drive sales growth and development

Jackline Ngugi

Head of Marketing - Kinda Tech

Brenda Mbewe joined signifide in January 2021. she is always willing to take on new challenges. she is Supply Chain Assistant ensuring market prices conform are in constant check , aggregation of products and delivery is successful.

Brenda Mbewe

Jill Akoth

Regional Marketing Manager

Meet the Junior Consultants


Junior Consultant


Junior Consultant