Meet the Board Of Advisors

Thoughtful, concise, structural and constructive leadership. 

Gender economist, driven by passion, committed to excellence and excited by positive change. Raised in rural Kenya; lived in India, Rwanda, Swaziland and Zambia. World thought leader, advisor, coach and public speaker.

Veyrl Adell


Jackie Ayiro

Advisor - Trade & Youth

Stemming from an International Business background, Henry leads the charge in our group corporate interactions. His “iron fist clad in a velvet glove” approach, ensures our B2B business is on an upward tangent as he perpetually strives for excellence in our delivery.

Henry Shoko

Group Managing Director - Africa

Bwalya Penza

Advisor to the Founder

Stephen has over a decade of experience working across the education, employment, and entrepreneurship space internationally. His work focuses on promoting inclusive and market-responsive employment initiatives and he has worked with a number of public and private institutions around the world, inc. IFAD, FCDO, USAID, Mastercard Foundation and Standard Chartered. He is Associate Director of Carsis Consulting.

Stephen Hunt

Advisor - Impact

Meet the Team

10 years experience in Finance, Proficient in a range of Accounting Softwares and ERPs, Passionate about automation of processes for business efficiency and growth

Joshua Oseno

Group Head Of Finance and Compliance

A skilled software developer with prowess in solving real-world problems through coding.Has a deep commitment to innovation, and thrives on crafting efficient solutions using technology.

Simon Muturi

Software Developer

IMG-20240510-WA0025 (1)

Christine Arunga

Junior Accountant

Salome Githinji

Software Githinji

Chichi Chona

Digital Marketing Executive

Meet the Junior Consultants

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Stanley Omondi

Digital Community Entreprenuer


Lucky Mutambo

Implementation Executive


David Chikulu

Junior Consultants

Brenda Mbewe joined signifide in January 2021. she is always willing to take on new challenges. she is Supply Chain Assistant ensuring market prices conform are in constant check , aggregation of products and delivery is successful.

Brenda Mbewe


” As a junior software developer at Signifide, We rely on the company’s ERP system built on the frappe framework to offer module services such as HR  services ,payroll, Employee management services, Kindatech Education and many others. Signifide’s ERP system, built with the Frappe framework, has significantly improved by trying to increase other modules to serve businesses in Zambia and Kenya . Overall, Signifide’s ERP system has boosted our efficiency and visibility. I highly recommend it for businesses seeking a robust and customizable ERP solution. “
– Salome Githinji, Software Developer intern

Being an implementation executive at Siginifide is an opportunity I greatly appreciate . My understanding of accounting has grown though not only accounting as the Siginifide Enterprise Resources Software (Kindatech ERP ) is rich with other management softwares like HR, CRM, Payroll, School management software,Loan system etc. The Kindatech ERP is a software I would recommend for any business. You are able to manage any business, starting from managing human capital to financials, assets and liabilities, income and expenses. Additionally, as a junior consultant, I have found immense value in this role, gaining invaluable skills and seizing opportunities that contribute to both personal and professional growth. It’s a pathway that not only equips the youth with vital expertise but also fosters a dynamic environment for learning and advancement.

– Lucky Mutambo, Implementation Executive

My tenure as a junior consultant has significantly enriched my comprehension of ecosystems and digital platforms. Prior to assuming this role, my keen interest in technology and e-commerce platforms only provided a user-end perspective, lacking insight into the intricacies of setup and day-to-day operational activities ensuring platform functionality. This experience has profoundly altered my perspective, fostering appreciation for the diligent efforts of individuals sustaining these digital landscapes. It has also broadened my horizons, revealing the manifold possibilities and opportunities technology affords companies in consolidating their operations onto digital platforms.Primarily, I attribute personal growth to my role as a junior consultant. 

The challenges inherent in this position have bolstered my confidence and interpersonal skills, compelling me to step beyond my comfort zone. Notably, engagements such as client pitches and demonstrations necessitate unwavering belief in the product and effective communication devoid of technical jargon. Consequently, my confidence, leadership, and communication skills have undergone substantial development.

Furthermore, the career prospects as an ERP consultant transcend confines of singular corporate allegiance, affording exposure to diverse industries and their respective opportunities.

Reflecting on the support extended to me upon joining as a junior consultant, initial apprehensions about international collaboration were assuaged by the unwavering support of my colleagues. As I demonstrated commitment to the role, mutual understanding and support flourished. At Signifide, the ethos of teamwork permeates every facet of operation, ensuring active participation in company-wide initiatives and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.
To prospective candidates contemplating enrollment in the Junior Consultants Program, I wholeheartedly endorse the opportunity. The enriching experience and acquisition of invaluable skills are unparalleled. Moreover, affiliation with Signifide promises not only professional growth but also a familial support system conducive to personal development.
 In summary, my tenure with the company has been immensely gratifying, offering exposure to diverse industries and invaluable networking opportunities. As a junior consultant, the multifaceted role of supporting and training different companies has broadened my horizons and equipped me with transferable skills indispensable for personal and professional advancement.

 Theresa Zulu, Junior Consultant